Published 10 August 2020
We all know Adreanna as an OG in the industry. An educator, trainer, competitor and mad talented baker! Get to know more about Adreanna in this post.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m an independent personal trainer (specialize in fat loss and physique transformation) and a fitness educator by profession. And also, a HIIT group coach at Union Strength and Vitruvio Gym. On the side, you’ll see me posting baking stuff on Cravin'Bakes as I generously like people having healthier and better options for their dessert kinda day!


I was a competitive bikini & physique and CrossFit athlete before, and yet still enjoy mostly hypertrophy program as of today.

I also hold a Diploma in Animal Health & Production and a Degree in Science Bioindustry. So, I can be your furry animals and plants nurse too besides helping you to reach your fitness goals!

Photo credit: Adreanna as a guest for Borak Kopitiam TV3

Who or what inspires you as a coach?

The members. I have a huge passion for helping people who need help and guidance in reaching their health & fitness goal. I easily empathise members, clients or anyone who seeks guidance on how to move well, how to exercise properly or even to make better choices in nutrition. I just cannot ignore when someone does an exercise with poor form. I always feel like I hold a big responsibility to make sure that someone else can do better. Knowledge is not for me - it’s to be shared with everyone that I crossed path with.

Photo credit: Adreanna is a fitness educator at FITM

How would you describe your coaching style?

Knowing an OCD me, breaking down and sequencing the techniques step-by-step for members are my strengths when I coach. Having a strong foundation is super important in doing exercises before doing all those fancy complex movements.

The last thing we want is having injuries from poor movement executions and leading our fitness goals on hold. BUT hey, once I see you can master the movements, you can’t make any escapes from me as I’ll push you 200% during the session.

What has your role as a coach taught you about yourself?

No matter how best you think you have coached a class, remember there is always room for improvements. I always review, do a post-mortem and get class feedback from both members and coaches to see what and how can I add more values to my classes. It’s never wrong to unlearn and relearn things. Sometimes, feedback can be painful, but that’s part and parcel of learning and getting better.

"...feedback can be painful, but that's part and parcel of learning and getting better."

What's been the most memorable moment for you as a coach?

The most rewarding and memorable moment when members are returning for your sessions and becoming regulars! Not just to get sweaty and ‘dead’ in my session lol, but when they tell me they want to learn more from my session. I must have said and done something right for them to come back.

Whoever comes for my class, you are welcome to ask any questions or any doubts that you have regarding exercising. No one will judge you. Ask, never assume. You will only get better when you ask questions and reaffirm things that you may already know.

What would you say to someone who is looking to become a coach?

First, do it because you genuinely love coaching/teaching and enjoy meeting people. Always be prepared to provide exercise options for members with different fitness level (beginner-advanced). Don’t be surprised, 90% of the time, not everyone in the class can do what you teach in front. So, having a foundational certification in exercise coaching is not an option but a necessity! It’s someone’s life that you’re dealing with here.

Also, develop your own style, but also be flexible enough to fit the needs of the majority. Last but not least, always continue to learn and upgrade yourself to be a better coach. Make sure to keep yourself updated with the industry as time goes by and be ready to adapt!

Group Coach at Union Strength