What workouts can I expect to find on UNION GO?
With UNION GO you will have access to 100+ videos including yoga, home workouts, strength training, HIIT and more. All are beginner friendly and no prior fitness experience is required.
Where is UNION GO available?
UNION GO is available in all parts of the world! All you need is a good WiFi connection.

Are all UNION GO videos included in my subscription?
Each and every workout on UNION GO is included in your subscription. Our commitment to our UNION GO family is to keep updating the platform with new videos every month for you to experience and enjoy!
Do I need to download an app?
UNION GO is 100% web browser based. This means that you will need to log-in to your account via a website. You do not need to download an app or download any of our videos.
Can I use UNION GO when I travel?
Absolutely! You can use your UNION GO account when you travel. All you need to do is connect to a good WiFi signal, select your workout, and get your sweat on!

The UNION GO portal is supported in all parts of the world.

What devices can I use to stream UNION GO?
It can be used on any phone/tablet/laptop device. For the best experience, try connecting your device to a TV!
Do I need equipment?
Many of the UNION GO workouts don’t require equipment at all! However, while equipment is not necessary, we also do provide some equipment based workouts.

I am not based in Malaysia. Can I still get a subscription?
Yes you can - UNION GO is available in all parts of the world! We accept debit/credit card payments from Banks outside of Malaysia.
I am not based in Malaysia and I am having trouble making payment using my debit/credit card
Please contact your local Bank if you are having trouble making payment - it is possible that they declined the transaction.

If the issue still persists, please email [email protected] to explain the issue you have encountered with the relevant attachments for further investigation.