Is the gym and studio sanitised?
Yes, we have conducted a full sanitisation process and deep cleaning prior to our reopening in February. We also conduct daily cleaning and sanitisation.
Why do I need to book a slot before coming over?
This is compulsory for open gym and classes. In the event where contact tracing is needed, your booking history enables us to accurately contact the relevant individuals involved and to relay accurate information to KKM.

You may book a slot here:
Can I arrive early or late for my booked slot?
You will be checked into the specific class or timeslot that you have booked for. If you are early, you will be asked to wait for your spot. If you are late, you will be asked to book into the next timeslot. This is an effort to ensure accurate contact tracing if ever needed.
Does everyone scan the MySejahtera code upon arrival?
Yes, this is compulsory for all members and visitors. Should you not have your phone on you, our team will provide you with a manual sign up sheet. This effort has aided our recent efforts in contact tracing, down to the very minute of your arrival, to provide accurate information.
Do you conduct temperature checks?
Yes, this is conducted daily in accordance with KKM guidelines. We also encourage you to please keep your masks on in the waiting area.
Do you limit the number of pax on the gym floor?
Yes, only 12 pax are allowed on the gym floor at a single time. 
How long can I train on the gym floor?
Each person is allowed one (1) slot per day and each slot is 1.5 hours long.
Are you conducting group classes?
Yes, we are conducting in-studio group classes. Each group class is limited to 11 pax only at a single time.

Members may book for free and non-members may purchase a package or book a class here: https://union-strength.timetablehq.com/
What about personal training sessions?
All personal training sessions are live and ongoing. All PT coaches are required to wear masks during the session.
Do I need to wear a mask?
You are encouraged to wear a mask upon arrival, when you leave, during light stretches or if you absolutely need to spot someone.
Do you provide disinfecting sprays and hand sanitisers?
Yes, they are readily available for you throughout the gym. We ask that we maintain and uphold our community's culture of wiping down all equipment before and after use.
Can I use the showers?
Our showers are now reopened, please do bring your own towels. Toilet and changing rooms are accessible.
Do you have lockers?
All belongings will be placed in a new designated area. All lockers will be out of use for the time being.
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