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How to be creative
Though creativity cannot be taught, it can certainly be nurtured. Find a routine that works for you. Routines can be positive if they reinforce a healthy, creative mindset; they can be counterproductive if they actually keep you from being creative. While breaking your routine once in a while to force new ways of thinking is good, what if growing/learning/experiencing new things was built into your routine as a given? The people who speak negatively about routine have probably not developed a routine that puts them on a path of internal growth. The key is to discover creative rituals that put you in a more creative mindset
One membership to unlock your full potential.
Unlock the extraordinary with the right coach. Our approach, your results.
Full suite of facilities
Changing rooms with lockers and showers, towels and refreshments available for all members, social and work space.
Progress tracking
InBody console to measure and track your body composition.
Comprehensive range of equipment
Squat racks, integrated lifting platforms with full and half racks, plate loaded machines, a Glute Ham Developer (GHD) machine, treadmills, rowing ergos and Watt bikes.
"When it comes to finding the right gym, environment and community play an important factor! At Union Strength everyone shares the same drive to constantly push themselves to greater levels of fitness!"
Daniel Veerapen
Music Producer
"I have struggled with getting into a solid gym routine for a long time and getting motivation to go and lift weights. They are really great with helping me with my form, giving me tips on how to lift heavier and I feel really comfortable training there."
Will Kucia
Sports Events Coordinator
"A space that encouraged me to go beyond my comfort zone. Set up in such a way where almost all training styles are available. It taught me what my body was capable of and it gave me the confidence I needed to commit to my fitness journey!"
Esther Ng
Student & Fitness Instructor
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