Published 5 August 2020
Rachel has constantly awed us with her tenacity and strength in everything she does, including her bold hair colour choices. She joined the family early this year as a group coach and since then we've gotten to know more about her aspirations and what drives her. We want you to get to know Rachel and her journey as a coach and an edutrainer.

Tell us a little about yourself.

A broadcasting graduate who once aspired to be a filmmaker turned a fitness coach. Life takes us on interesting paths we never expect, doesn't it? I was working in the media industry for a few years before some tough life incidents made me realize how much I wanted to help others become fit mentally and physically.

Right now, I'm an ACE Personal Trainer, part-owner of an obstacle and callisthenics gym called Ozone, as well as the founder of a new channel called Turning Point TV. I'm also a group coach at Union Strength since early this year.

Photo credit: Rachel's body transformation

What made you decided to become a coach?

I used to be a chubby, lazy and sedentary girl growing up. It was in 2017 when my late father was hospitalised in critical condition that awakens this desire to transition from media to fitness. During that time, I decided I needed to level up and found myself signing up for a gym membership and personal training. That desire to level up brought about a transformation for me inside out and I fell in love with all that.

I used to think personal training wasn't necessary because there are many free avenues to learn. But having a PT taught me that I was doing it all wrong and was confusing my body. No wonder! Having a coach to kickstart my journey of transformation taught me so much and made me want to learn and share more. And that's how it began - people around me who saw my changes converted into health freaks and gym-goers too.

Photo credit: Rachel's outdoor group classes

How would you describe your coaching style?

Let me recall from what my clients would say...hmmm...I'm fun but super firm and straight in your face. That's with personal training. When it comes to group classes, I'm still discovering 'my style'. I hope the crowd is forgiving enough to let me grow into it.

What has your role as a coach taught you about yourself?

Having a heart so open to realize the transformation isn't mine, but it's the clients. What I mean is that sometimes as a coach, we have our programs and results we envision for our clients, but there are many aspects outside of the program that the client is going through too. I learn to empower and be there where I can to allow room for life to happen and for the client to grow. It's not easy at times, but I reflect on my own journey and I learn to relate and partner with my clients in their journey too.

"I learn to empower and be there where I can to allow room for life to happen..."

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Still advocating living well and living beyond ourselves. Perhaps in a peaceful, close-to-nature setting where people can come for retreats, movement, and yummy healthy food from a farm and discover the best time and version of themselves? That's the dream. HAHA.

What are your favourite activewear brands now?

This may not be a brand known for activewear but they do sell them - H&M (because Aunty Rachel here likes good leggings that are reasonably priced and have pockets).

What would you say to someone who is looking to become a coach?

Live out what you teach, be humble and teachable, have an open heart to truly love your clients and grow with them.

Group Coach at Union Strength